Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Intentions that's what!!!

Being that it's a New Year many of the good folks I know make resolutions of varying degrees on weight loss, quitting smoking, spend less money, save more money and on and on.

Well instead of a resolution, because a resolution can be so hard on the person making said resolution. So I am going to make intentions ~ an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.

A friend recently brought up a good intention of keeping in contact with friends the old fashion way, by dropping a hand written note of good luck or a note of thanks. And actually putting a stamp on the envelope and mailing that note. They may not always get there in a timely manner but it's the thought that counts in some ways.

Electronic birthday, anniversary, thanks or whatever greeting cards are too cool, but I think I would like to go back to sending cards...Hallmark and the US Post office should appreciate my effort wouldn't ya spose.

I received a cheer up card a few days ago, ya know it's heartwarming that the friend took the time. That means a lot. So I want to do the same more than I have in the last couple of years.

I also want to read more. I want to read memoirs and biographies of people that I admire but don't know enough about.

I love the internet but it's so impersonal. It tends to isolate and I am not a person that enjoys isolation.

I will continue to blog of course here and on PBE however look for my cards in the mail and stay tuna'd on my book reviews.

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Cottage Kid said...

I have been doing that personal touch for a few years now and it really up lifts both the giver and the receiver. Enjoy!