Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Take time to day dream

Daydreaming is like nite time dreaming , with two noticeable differences: First, you will likely remember these ideas much more clearly, and second, you can control it more!  

Try to day dream without interruption.  Don't take your iPad or kindle with you but have a a pad of paper and a writing utensil.  No not your iPad because you could get sidetracked  like me and go off looking for something other than your goal of a few minutes of daydreaming.  I have been know to set a timer so as not to day dream too long.

To me daydreaming is a way of clearing out the cobwebs.  I have been known to day dream in the shower.

Imagine a real life situation and act it out in your mind. Act out the movements in your mind just as powerfully as if you were going to do it.  We have a friend that was, retired now, a very successful race car driver.  We would see him get in his car sit there for fifteen, twenty minutes, eyes closed.
Fans standing around would ask  what is he was doing.  I would tell them he was daydreaming and acting out the race in his mind.  He felt it was calming.  Must of worked well for him cause he was a champion more than once.

Some people relax their mind. Listening to music can help tune out other distractions and also make the daydream even better, as music is full of emotion. Just pick songs that fit the mood of the dream you are having.  That method is not for me. If it was music that I really enjoyed like something from the 60's I'd be dancing and singing.  If it was operatic or elevator music I'd be sleeping.

Do you day dream? 

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