Sunday, August 25, 2013

The talent is abundant

We have a shop on Etsy as you probably know.  We opened the shop mid March of this year.  So we are really new compared to other shop owners.  Many have been there five, six years.  Then there are others that just set up shop last week.

Hope you don't mind but once a week or so I am going to promote some of my favorite shop over on Etsy.  The only way any of us can do any business or have any sales is to have visitors.  Yep that's you you are a visitor.

Now I know the people coming to my blog aren't ones to comment but it sure would be nice if you would go visit some of these shop.  I'm telling you there are some amazing talented and very clever artists.

So here are the sites just click on them and off ya go.  But come back and check out a couple of others. 

Her mineral makeup is phenomenal.  She also has a shop of some pretty snazzy nail polish.

You must go see Monica's creations as they are precious. 

Chelsea is an LA gal that designs her own products and they are sassy. 

Vintage shops galore but this is a very good one and a favorite.  If we didn't live in our RV I'd be a customer for sure.

More to come.....................

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