Sunday, June 09, 2013

About the wild creatures around

So despite the heat out here on the desert we have some pretty unusual creatures hanging around.

One is this rather strange looking Jack rabbit

This one is not my favorite and why I stopped walking early in the morning.

Javalina one on one could be OK but these ugly bastards run in packs.
 Coyotes are even timid of javalinas...........but these guys do hang out on the perimeter of RV park.
 Way off in the distance are the pronghorn's

There's more, a lot more but I'll show you later cause it's hot and they are hiding.

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Moon said...

These are great. The rabbit is an Audubon Hare. Those pigs just give me the willies, stay away. They say they are tasty if dressed and prepared correctly.
Nice variety of wild life.