Monday, September 16, 2013

There is a season for everything

This big guy 3-4 inches long, is called a Mexican General.  But has a latin name also.  When those camo wings spread underneath is a beautiful red and gold color.  They don't fly far most creep and hop.  They do carry their lady friend on their backs.
Most of us enjoy four seasons, we are not one of them thank you very much!!  Let's list some of the seasons.

  • allergy season...........not for me cause my allergies know NO season.  They are with me always.
  • there is the rainy season.  now that happens to be different for different areas of the US.  Here in Southern Arizona we have monsoon that are with us for the merry months of June, July and August.  Please note it is September as I type and the rain is still with us.  I'll call Mother Nature and tell her to flip her calendar.
  • And then there is bug/insect season.  We seem to have an enormous, more than last year, grasshoppers.  All shapes and sizes, who knew!!
  • That dreaded word snake.  Lots of non life threatening snakes that wander thru the grasses and scare the living S**T out of ya when slither by.  I am not good at recognizing the different species, well with the exception of the rattler, so I just have a healthy respect for all of them.  As a side note of trivia just in case any of you come upon a diamond back rattler.  Those bastards have learned how not to rattle.  The discovered after all these years that if they rattle they'll get caught.  So beware with your eyeballs not your ears.  Just thought you should know this.
  • Spiders.........I don't like spiders.  One bit me this summer and it's taking forever to heal.  No it wasn't a poisonous one but a spider none the less. We mainly have here black widows and bark scorpions.  Oh and the stink bugs............don't step on them.  Ask me how I know.

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