Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Updated talent that I'm betting you didn't know about

I am not going to beg but I would appreciate a yes or no comment if this is something you would like me to continue.

Many of the shops over on the Etsy site are gearing up for the holiday shoppers.  I hear the groaning but folks it's closer than you think look at the calendar.  Don't get caught having to go thru a horrible last minute crush of shopping morons.  Be smart shop early.  Here are a few of my favorite shops lately.  And as a reminder please check the shops policies and shipping charges before you hit the order button.

For those of you getting married soon I am going to do a whole wedding post soon.  There are just amazing shops on Etsy.

Now as you know you can always go shopping at our shop  

Click a link and go shopping!!


Cynthia said...

Wow, Barb, thanks so very much for the shout-out :) Some fabulous things, for sure!

Luiza Malinowska said...

Thank you for featuring my shop and for you nice words! :*

Bee said...

Yes, please keep it up. I'd rather buy from these people than some chain store at the mall. I love seeing who you recommend. tyselo

Chris said...

Absolutely continue!