Friday, November 17, 2006

I have just...

too many things to be thankful for to even concern myself about something that this country is involved in as a day that is called Black Friday.

How or why is shopping and/or buying that important to go out on one day and put more tension in your otherwise stressful life.

Trust me I am not sheltered, I do know people that live for this shopping day. I just do not understand the concept. Just like I don't understand why people camped out all nite to buy a PlayStation 3 game.

Actually the folks that have bought into this madness, in my very humble opinion, have been sucked in by the media and the media has done a super job of marketing for all of these companies.

Oh by the way our Canadian friends don't have a black friday because they are Thankful a month or so before their USA friends

I am beginning to sound old and cranky aren't I??? stay tuna'd


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Cottage Kid said...

Sounds like you were having a bad day....sending hugs and kisses to cheere you up all the way from the True North Strong and Free!