Sunday, November 12, 2006

A warning...whew!!!

So let's talk briefly about how I got out of another ticket. I know yikes!

Man I thought I was toast on this one for sure. And husband was in the passenger seat. Trust me I was more upset about that than anything. Because he just sat there in his seat chortling with that silly ass smirk on his face. Like ha ha you finally got caught and you are going to pay.

We are on our way to meet a friend for breakfast as he was leaving town. I took a street that has been newly widened and re-paved. "Oh nice" I say, as I go zipping by a cop sitting in the middle of the road with his radar pointed directly at me. It was husbands fault cause he was talking and since he doesn't talk much I decided to listen. Hence my heavy foot on the accelerator. Oh I know the cop didn't buy that one either.

There they were those blasted flashing lites. I mean when they are intended for you they are huge and the siren is LOUD. Crap! Crap! Crap! I pull over, oh and on this new road there is no where to pull over safely, so I must remember to tell the highway dept about that. Won't they be thrilled. Now I am sitting and waiting for the nice officer to approach my car, and I wait, and I wait. Husband says in a very sarcastic tone "this seems to be taking awhile longer than normal, you don't have any outstanding warrants do you"? He is laughing as I am screaming NO!!! and my window is down and at that very moment the cop walks up to the car. For a fleeting moment I am trying to remember my rights, you know the Miranda deal, you have the right to remain silent, etc. I look over and husband has gotten this stupid grin on his face. Nice officer asks for my drivers license, insurance card and registration. Well I do have my license of course, unlike another time I got stopped and I only had half of my license. Oh that's another story. He, the nice officer, says "while you are re-organizing your glove boxes looking for your paper work, I will go check out your history". Another smart A@@ Oh and he leaves me with this " I clocked you going 62 in a 35". Norm says under his breath 'over 200$$$". So I am rumaging around looking for my registration and insurance card, while the smirker offers not one ounce of help. I found them in their proper places, just under some other important stuff like coupons to Bed, Bath and Beyond. Those are valuable ya know.

So the nice officer let's me sit for what seemed an eternity cause husband was in the other seat. Nice officer comes back with paperwork, hands it back to me and say "I truly appreciate your EXCELLENT driving record". My head shot around to husband and I said "see". And the man I am married to for 36 years said to the cop, "you just haven't caught her yet". The cop was still laughing sitting in his car as I pulled away to meet our friend, who happens to be a retired cop.
So you can just imagine the beating I took during breakfast.


Anonymous said...

Not a good way to start a Sunday morning, Leadfoot. I'm interested in the 'half a license story' . . . .


maltese parakeet said...

62 in a 35 and you got out of it! Not too shabby! I woulda thunked ol' supersalesman on the noggin' for lettin' loose with "you just haven't caught her yet" while the officer still had the opportunity to write you a ticket!

Cottage Kid said...

I hope the guys ended up with "egg" on their faces!

Cottage Kid said...

It was so good to chat with you.
So sorry I won't be visiting since you will have moved far far away! Just take heed, it will happen!!!