Saturday, November 18, 2006

A warm fuzzy

feeling was felt while standing in a very long line at the post office. In front of me was a lady in her mid 30's with two small children. One was a wandering toddler that was obviously not happy to be kept in line by his older 4 ish year old sister. I must admit little sister was doing a very good job of keeping the toddler from escaping out the door. The lady in front of them and I tried to distract the toddler boy from trying his mom's patience, but he would have none of that. Toddler Noah didn't want to converse with strangers, he was cranky, wanted a nap and his mom. All of this while mom was struggling with a package and a couple of large envelopes getting ready to ship off. I did notice that one envelope the mom was holding was addressed to an APO.

When mom picked up the toddler the sister was in charge of the package which was entirely too large for her to handle, so being a package handler I told her I would hold it so the sister could go retrieve toddler brothers toys that were scattered around.

About that time and elderly lady came up to the mom and said " I am next up in line so you are more than welcome to go ahead of me". The mom looked at her said "thanks" and toddled up to the counter kids in tow.

The mom had no idea why the elderly lady was in line but she did say to the counter postal worker "would you give me a book of Christmas stamps now" and she turned around and handed them to the nice elderly lady and said "with great gratitude, Merry Christmas". And with that gesture we all sighed a collective "aaaawwww", I gave the nice elderly lady a hug on her way out, and life went on.

I will remember that moment always.

That moment almost makes up for those morons seeking PS3 and Black Friday bull.


mooncrazy said...

That made me cry. Thanks for sharing.

Cottage Kid said...

I have a tear too...what a sweet thing to witness!

La Vida Dulce said...

That is so very sweet indeed. Good to know that kindness and consideration have not disappeared. And what a wonderful lesson for those children to learn. Thank you for sharing that story with us.