Saturday, December 02, 2006

I just witnessed

one of the finest upsets in college football.

The UCLA Bruins earned the tremendous win over the stunned USC.
UCLA Bruins 13.................USC 9

I am so very happy because my sweet niece and her hunky husband were there to witness this very exciting event.

lil bird said she was going on the field if the Bruins won, let's see if she did.

Congratulations to all those Bruin fans, they are over the top happy about now.


Anonymous said...

Dontcha love nieces Doo? Makes ya happy when good things happen to 'em. :-)

maltese parakeet said...

it was rad! unfortunately, i did not get on the field as the cops had tear case and pellet guns and had their knees on the necks of the first few people that got down there and i didn't really fancy that... and, recall, ucpd taser'd a uon-combative student 5 times a few weeks ago. but i was there and i believed and screamed myself hoarse and we won! go bruins!

maltese parakeet said...

tear case? uon-combative?! i'm so drunk! tear gas! non-combative!

doodles said...

yeah well I'm glad you were not too drunk to go down on the field, somewhat sober mind did prevail - maybe??

It was an awesome game, glad you were able to witness.

maltese parakeet said...

drinking didn't happen until after the game - i needed my wits about me for maximum cheering effectiveness! but we did have a few bottles of champagne waiting in the ice chest back in the car just for this purpose!