Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The kindness of people!!!

Yep I am amazed at how kind and thoughtful people are. I gives you hope in humankind.

OK this is how it went...

I ordered my niece a couple of items from Amazon for Christmas, one of which was a book. Yesterday I received an email from Amazon say that the book was out of stock and was able to be shipped not until the beginning of the year. They gave me the option of keep the item on back order or cancel the item. I went to the site, cancelled the order and replaced it with something else. That next morning I received an email from Amazon saying they cancelled my order and received the new order and in that email gave me a cancellation number as well as shipping information on the new item. Oh all of the above was being sent to my sisters address in California where Christmas will be celebrated.

Fast forward to tonite, I get a phone call from sister, "you won't believe what just happened. We get a box addressed to me (sister) and the return address is Houston TX. OK I open it and it is wrapped in the typical Amazon paper, with the envelop that contained the invoice. Also there was a note from a lady in Houston that received this book in her Amazon shipment. She writes that she tried to contact Amazon, to no avail, so she just sent it on to the rightful person".

Now about now I amazed that somone would go out of their way to number one just ignore this and keep the item, number two this women went to the trouble of boxing up the item, taking it to UPS and sending it off.

How kind and thoughtful this person is and at a time that is very much appreciated. I'm sure this person has a life and took time out of her life to do something nice.

Merry Christmas nice lady in Houston...........stay tuna'd.

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