Friday, May 12, 2006

Oh My It's Been awhile.................

Just returned from our trip to Indiana. Let's just say it was memorable in many ways. Trust me there are not too many times when sister and I are together that we do not have a good time....guess we just make our own fun. Sister moon thanks for the memories.

One wonderful memory was a trip to a local park in our Aunt's city, a park we visited as children. As luck would have it the dogwoods were still in bloom and they were glorious. And had no idea how many varieties of tulips existed. The park was vibrant in color as shown on my flicker page. I'll put the pics up soon I promise.

Sister and I both came home under the weather, but on the mend.

Please, please allow me to say this..........if you smoke - quit now - I'm begging ya!!! And if you don't smoke please don't start, don't let your kids start or don't let anyone you know start smoking.

stay tuna'd..........................

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