Monday, April 10, 2006

52 Days............

So I get up this a.m., grab the paper get my tea, sit down and the headline is screaming 52 Days till 2006 Hurricane season starts. The NHC, which is located in Miami, is having a large conference there this week with many of the states emergency management folk. Now I don't spose EM dudes from South Dakota or Idaho are going to be there , but never the less. They have these meetings every year. One year there were more journalists there than attendees.

Here's my question, why does our government work in a reactionary way? If these meetings were held several years ago maybe, just maybe the levy's in NewOrlean would have been strengthened and we could be saying today "boy that Katrina could have been much worse". "Good thing we took preventative measures and repaired the levy's". What a crock right!!!

Now, we the tax payers, must all band together and pay thru the nose for all of the repairs. And trust me friends I DO NOT begrudge helping one single resident of the gulf coast. I just think we could have done it differently.

Now here in all of South Florida we have a different problem. The state has asked, asked mind you for the power company to repair there poles because they are kinda in bad shape. Well I think it was Wilma last year that took down so many of those poles hence the reason for the east coast of Florida being without power for soooooooooooo long. Here we are 52 days from the beginning of hurricane season and do you think they, the power company, has repaired all the poles. No, nada, nuttin honey! But I can tell you they raised my rates which was approved by the state, they raised my rates because they had to erect new poles. Shouldn't they be doing preventative maintenance????????????

stay tuna'd

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