Saturday, April 08, 2006

memories.............tasty memories

a must read is my sisters post on our food blog "The fire in the belly is not from the chili" This could not be a more timely post......and while talking on the phone, which we do a lot, I was relating a husband experience to moon when we were living in Connecticut. She and little bird visited several times and I think they got to see the truck farm husband put together. Ya know I'm surprised he didn't have me down on the corner selling veggies.........sorry I digress. I'll give you the short version.

I found a 3+ acre piece of property that just happened to have a house and a barn on it. Well you would have thought husband had died and gone to heaven. "I can plant a real garden" he says. Well what the heck was that you had in California I thought but hey he was a happy camper and I wasn't about to burst the bubble. A garden I could get a lot of use out of this I'm thinking......little did I know.

OK among wheel barrel full of tomatoes come harvest time - we had a plot of corn. Oh lordy my mouth just waters thinking about it. God it was good all four ears.........yep four ears that's all we got. And we were lucky to beat the dern racoons to those.

How do they know when corn is ripe for pickin you ask...........well husband was quite accomodating in the fact that he would turn on the spot lites he errected. He would turn those on at nite so as to "keep the little bastards away" he says. HAHAHAHAHA ROFLMAO God I wish I could have gotten a picture of those cute little racoons dining on OUR corn. Those lites were just making it easier for the racoons to see to peel back the corn. I asked husband if he was going to build a picnic table for the racoons so that they would have someplace to sit. He didn't think that was funny. Dang, Connecticut has some crafty, very smart, picture this..... husband would come home from work, change in to his garden garb, grab a bud and tramp down to the garden to check the corn. He would come back up to the house to tell me "Not yet"!!! poop I say. Now I think this is what happened next........the racoons were hiding out in the bushes watching husband and when he said not yet..........they said poop and went over to chow down on the neighbors corn.

There are so many Connecticut garden stories so stay tuna'd.........................


Faith said...

We live on a 123-acre farm and are planting 5 garden plots this year! But we have several kids to feed too, lol.

mooncrazy said...

They did like it when a city boy came to the country to feed them, didn't they.