Thursday, April 20, 2006

Oh swell,

two years ago we were in the midst of hurricanes and forHurricane Charley we had to evacuate, well we didn’t have to but we did.

Anyway we evacuated to the east coast of Florida instead of the familiar Florida Keys because I had the measles and I was contagious. It wasn’t serious, I didn’t look too bad, and I wasn’t really that sick. But still I wasn’t about to infect any friends with my disease…so off we went to be all by ourselves over in Vero Beach and hopefully not infect strangers. We didn't go or or rather I didn't, Norm went and got food and brought back to the hotel. Went out and sat on the beach but that was about all...tons a fun just tons.

Now two years later my sister and I are heading out on a trip to Indiana for a visit with our Aunt and Uncle and look what I get in my email………….. Mumps

Crap!!!!!!! I have never had the dern mumps and I not to sure of sister either. Oh I might add that how I came down with the measles was probably on a plane trip the health department told me. Do you spose I infected anyone over in Vero Beach two years ago, god I hope not.

Stay tuna’d………………………

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