Sunday, November 01, 2009


Pumpkins are over, trees to be making their appearance soon. Actually way too soon for my liking but hey what the heck.

I did notice in some of the larger stores like Taget and WM there is Christmas decorations up, their subtle you might not notice them but they are there, look up snowflakes hanging from the ceiling...............nooooooo!!!

Am I the only one to get annoyed at the Christmas decor gracing the stores we all frequent. My opionion is they put it up so early it just numbs me from seeing it cause it's up for so danged long.

But before trees get erected in the lot Mr and I are gonna spend some fun time with family. Get some culture, see a movie or three, shop a bit, spend some time at the beach and of course be Thankful.

for more updates and photos to follow.

Oh and I need permission from the Momma of the Princess to post her photo.................she was dressed as Minnie Mouse. Let me tell ya she was just the cutest Minnie Mouse just you wait and see.


Bee said...

I get annoyed, too. Hobby Lobby had the decorations up right after Labor Day! Takes away from the specialness when they're there for 6 months out of a year, duddennit? And Christmas ought to be special.

Chris said...


Enjoy your family time and rest up for the "Christmas Rush"!

Looking forward to more photos!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I second or third it. I think the Christmas decorations are up waaaaaaaaaaaaay too early.
Just wanted to say I'm enjoying my pumpkins & squash........ love them! thanks.
Enjoy your time off -- hope to be able to get together!