Monday, November 09, 2009

Take a hike, see a bird or 100's

Woke Sunday a.m. to a bit of fog but nothing like yesterday.  So off we traveled a short distance to the Gillette Ranch for a hike with  a possiblity of viewing some migratory birds and a couple of resident feathered friends.

Our party consisted of brother-in-law, sister as well as a very dear friend..  Notice the absence of Mr Doodles, well way to early for him to rise.  Met up with a few other early risers and the resident expert.  Oh and yes Gillette Ranch would be the razor guy.  More about that here.

The hike was way easy, many of the resident birds have traveled south, but many make the Gillette Ranch their home year round.  The resident expert John, was very knowledgeable and fun.

A few photos for your viewing enjoyment.  As always click on the photos for better viewing.

not a bird but a very cool spider web

there is a sweet little red headed bird on that short limb in front

a very sweet, quite chubby feathered friend on the ground

this would be the algae filled pond, rather odd but looked like a painting

one of the many Gillette homes on the compound

just liked this

A wonderful couple three hours being out in the gorgeous fresh air and enjoying our surroundings.  Needless to say we had to end the adventure with a little food and of course Mr Doodles was up for brunch.


Bee said...

What a cute little red-headed guy. And you know the picture of the door is just begging for a door quote!

Moon said...

The algae pond looks like marble.

Chris said...

Great photos girl!

Can't tell for sure, but I think the redhead is an Acorn Woodpecker and the chubby little guy is an Oregon Junco. Love them!

I agree with Moon, the algae does look like marble. How cool that your artist's eye would catch the beauty in it. Anyone else might have just said..."ewww"!

Anonymous said...

Great photos, great company, great brunch and a great day! Glad I was a part of it.