Thursday, November 26, 2009 betcha!!!

So y'all know that we are at the Christmas tree lot babysitting the pines.

Well we are grateful that in 29 days we will sweep the pine needles from under our feet and travel on down to the Desert and spend Christmas with family. Be prepared for some tasty treats that we will concoct plus a few family photos.

Can you hear and feel my excitement..................woo hoo!!!

ps.................see that big tree over on the right of the tent??? it is 15 feet tall and the very most perfect shape.

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Anonymous said...

I can feel very excitement, now it's only 28 days!!! it will happen.

My gourds, etc were a big hit on my Thanksgiving table.... sent most of them home with my family for a recycle. I thank you - they thank you.

Here's to successful selling of those pine trees!