Saturday, November 21, 2009

Then we went for a walk

On the beach in Ventura......a glorious sunny day with surfers galore. Weather, wind and waves must have been just perfect.

Hate saying it but I didn't bring my #1 camera..........oh well still photos were taken.

And since I mentioned lunch I'll share with you a photo of a couple a desserts.

Eric Ericsson's has wonderful entrees but their desserts are pretty danged wonderful also.

Anice photo but then I shoulda been paying a bit more attention cause

yep those are my big wet feet. Glad I had my jeans rolled up.

Hey sister!!! What a nice day!!!


Anonymous said...

that dessert looks yummy!

Bee said...

You did pretty good without #1 camera! Love that one of Deb. And your feet!

Moon said...

That was a nice day. A little windy on the pier but our short walk on Faria beach was great, oh, except for the wet feet.