Saturday, October 20, 2007

Now that's a lazy cat!!!

Folks he is sound asleep.........Buddy has certainly found his comfort zone.

He overheard us talking about packing up so as to meet up with dear friends, Mr & Mrs Nutz. Not that he doesn't wanna see his good friend Mr Nutz, I just think Buddy has no desire to get in the Big A$$ truck.

New adventures Buddy, we're going to Vegas, you've never been to Vegas.

Stay tuna'd......................


Moon said...

That is for certain, a lazy cat.

ashpags said...

Thank you for your kind comments! I really enjoy Picasa, and one of the best features is that it saves originals, so no matter how badly I screw up a photo while editing it, I can always undo! So my best advice is to just play around and have fun! Another good thing to check out is the online help. Start here for editing:

I checked out your Flickr, and really like your photos. They are well composed - a skill I have yet to master! I look forward to seeing your Picasa experiments. =)

Doodles said...

Thanks so much....glad ya went to visit..cause I need critics. Only way ya learn

Bee said...

Oh, to sleep like Buddy, without a care in the world! He looks deliciously comfortable.

I went and looked at you flikr site, too. And found just what I expected to: lots and lots of really pretty pictures.