Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Time flies when you're having fun

Nice way to end an evening in Vegas

It started as "meet us in Vegas and we'll go to the drag races". Now it has turned into a three week visit with some great side trips thrown in.

The Nutz and the Doodle clan are on the move.

While in Vegas with our friends the Nutz, we were pleasantly surprised to find out our old friends the Wtnbs would be in Vegas for the weekend. So the Doodles made arrangements to meet up with the Wtnbs and took the Nutz along for a brunch at Sam's Town. Now we didn't just eat, we just had to introduce Mrs Wtnb, who just happens to be a great slot player, to a new slot machine we had found. And the introduction turned out quite well after plugging along on one machine she moved on to another and the bells started ringing Woo Hoo Mrs W!!!

Yesterday we motored up to Red Rock Canyon where the views are spectacular and as a bonus wild burros roam. Well they do roam but not when we were there. See my flickr site for more photos. Oh yes and would you believe we found a new casino, the Red Rock Resort. My it is a gorgeous place and would go back there any time, in fact we did last nite.

Today is a lazy day for the Doodle group. I'm gonna do a couple a loads a laundry while I'm sure Mr Doodles will be detailing the truck. And The Nutz couple are off to golf. Now you know they will come back with great stories, they always do.

Don't know what the afternoon and evening will be but rest assured it will be worth writing about.

We leave Wednesday a.m. for Los Angeles to meet up with sister Moon and brother-in-law. Another fun week ahead.............stay tuna'd.


ashpags said...

Hey! Yeah, my colors always look slightly different between my laptop, my desktop, and the desktops at school. But they are all pretty close, so I don't stress too much about it!

The way PW does the pinpoint colorization has to do with the fact that in Photoshop you can layer photos. For example, you could layer a black & white version of the horse over a color version, and then use the layer eraser function (I'm not sure what it's really called, but that's what it does) to erase the black and white layer just over the tongue, letting the color layer show through. Does that make sense?

Picasa doesn't have quite that functionality because you can't work with layers, but it has something close, called Focal B&W. It's in the Effects tab, with Warmify, Saturation, etc. I was thinking about doing a post on fun effects you can do in Picasa; I'll add Focal B&W to the list!

That sunset photo is beautiful! I've always wanted to go to Vegas! =)

Bee said...

Just looked at some really nice stuff on your flikr site. What do you suppose "Sad eyes" is sad about. That is really beautiful country. All those gorgeous colors and no neon in sight!

Anonymous said...

did you get the grits in a tube ?? I just bought some of them on my last trip to TJ's ...so far I'm the only one eating them...no adventure in this house, I tell ya ! next time Buddy's here I will share with him :)