Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Looking at New Mexico

in our rear view mirror
It's a beautiful state BUT we are going searching for more of what we want and need. The next few days will lead us to Arizona and see what the future holds there.

We will also be heading to Las Vegas to meet up with our dear friends Mr & Mrs Nutz............look out Vegas woo hoo!!!

And along the way the Doodles are going to check out some property in Southern Arizona. We haven't completely ruled out this area of New Mexico but we have moved it to the bottom portion of the list. I must say the scenery here is to die for but, there's that BUT the temps are not to our liking all that much and it's only October.

So we have pre-scoped out some areas in and around Tucson.

Now about Las Vegas, we are going there for a Drag Race, then the Nutzs' and the Doodles are RV'ing to the Los Angeles area, Pomona to be exact and meeting up with seester and her hunky husband to attend the final Drag Race of the season. Hopefully after that event we will be able to travel down to the desert of Palm Springs area and visit with step-momma for a few days.

Great news, niece may also be able to hook up with us while we are staying in Pomona.

So stay tuna'd cause there certainly will be news along the way and hopefully a few photos too.


Moon said...

This has to be difficult, picking a place. Maybe that's why we've been in the same house for 33 years, yikes. I'm sure there's someplace out there for you and it does sound fun to try them all on.

Doodles said...

not difficult really just time consuming and a little adventure thrown in. As momma would say "just another page in my book" I miss that woman...

tiedye said...

I love the picture taken from the rearview. It's a cool life when you can take a picture from the rearview, Doo. You only look at what's behind you. ;- )

Bee said...

I'm with you on the heat thing! If you lived in Arizona you wouldn't be too far from New Mexico to visit would you. Of course, with Gracie and Louie, nowhere is really too far is it?!

Have fun in Nevada. I just love your friends' last name! People call us the nuts, too!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys - we had dinner with the Nutz's last night and they are geared up for the trip - Mr D and myself sure wish we were going along. You have a great time - heard you are going to the great spot in Casa Grande - you are going to love that hot tub - oh and you can see the star of David when you're in the tub - so look for "him" haha
Ms G