Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not meant to embarrass...

How do you convey to someone, a friend or a relative that their artistic talents are worthy enough to share with the world.

I have a sister, I'm sure you all know that by now, that is a fantastic, talented artist. This is not something new, she has been talented all her life. I have always envied her abilities to sketch.

Now having said this she is not good at marketing her product....I on the other hand have that talent. It runs in our family, we are good marketers, some call it BS artistry. Sister must have been practicing her artistic talents when they passed out the marketing skills. And this is by no means to say her lack of marketing skills is a bad thing, cause I think I got all a hers and sure wish I had some of her artistic talent.

So sister, the artist, is having a art show this weekend. I think when she sells out of all of her art work that will seal the deal to demonstrate that she really is good. Confidence is not lacking on her part, but when you are an artist ya just never know if others are going to appreciate your work.

Now I have friend, actually two friends that have incredible writing ability. Boy sure wish I would have paid more attention in English class that pass notes to that boy. I can talk a blue streak but to be able to put word and thought on paper is an art.

Now being a good talker and reasonably good at marketing I have been after these folks to further their writing ability. I know there are hundreds maybe even a bajillion folks that think they can write. Editors must get tons of stories on a daily basis. So that alone can be daunting. Why would anyone look at my writings when there are so very many others out there more talented than me. Let me say this, if my friends I just mentioned were published you would read what ever it was that they have written.

I dabble in photography, something I truly enjoy. But what tiny bit of talent I may or may not have leads me to think why would anyone want to buy or even look at my photographs. I am the kind of person that know a little bit about a lot a stuff. I need to focus on my true love and see if I can market myself before I get my herb farm started.

So stay tuna'd cause I might have enough marketing BS....we'll see!

Good Luck Seester!!!

sister art page

some of my photos


Moon said...

Thanks, seester.

Bee said...

With you behind them, these people could probably conquet the world!

And I've seen a little of your sister's art work. I'm in total agreement. I only wish I could be at her show.