Friday, October 26, 2007

One good turn

The kindness of strangers, do unto others, pay it forward, etc. You get the drift. Here we are tooling down the highway to meet up with our friends Mr & Mrs Nutz. Y’all getting tired a hearing bout the Nutz’s – too bad cause we be spending the next 3 weeks with them.

Anyway here we are tooling down the highway and this car pulls up along side of us and points to the trailer and quite frantically I might say. So Mr Doodles in his infinite wisdom says “hmm something must be wrong”. The boy gets excited about nothing OK!

So we pull over and lordy what do we see is a SHREDDED rear tire on the RV. Now being the dope I am no photos were taken of this mishap. But Mr Doodles goes into fix it mode bless his little heart.

Now let me remind you in case I didn’t already, we are on Interstate 10. Those Big 18 wheelers and cars just a zipping by. Not one stopped. More on that later.

Mr Doodles has a jack and ya won’t believe where from HA!!! Remember the Courier truck we had a bajillion years ago. Guess the boy just couldn’t part with the jack. Who the hell cares it still worked and did the job.

Lug nuts (not Nutz) removed, here Doodles could ya hold this and move the jack over there just a bit and well you get the idea. Guess that’s why I didn’t take any photos cause I was busy.

We, yes we were just getting it all back together spare tire and such when a car pulls up, awwwww good Samaritans I say have come to our aid. Guess who it was? The folks that pointed out the shredded tire in the first place. They got out with lot’s of offers to help, how sweet I say where the hell were ya a half hour ago. Oh just kidding I thanked them profusely as did Mr Doodles. They were RV’ers from Minnesota. They saw the tire blow whizzed by us pointed it out to us that something was wrong THEN went out of their way to come back and see if we needed any help. Now those are nice folks..

We told them no we were OK and were going just to the next evit where there happened to be a travel plaza and would replace the tire. Off they went - waving safe journey and off we went to the repair tire shop.

Now we go to this really junky dusty tire shop that is highly recommended by all in the area. Sure enough they fixed us up with four brand new tires and replaced valve stems. The guys there were great and honest. While they are replacing the tires I am online checking to see if the tires they are putting on are actually as good as they say. Grade A - great reviews.

So a bad day turned into an OK day considering. How it started only 80 miles into the journey.

So now I gotta go look for a way to pay it forward..................stay tuna’d cause it may take me a bit cause we are in Vegas ;0)


Moon said...

Wow, lucky guys. So if you don't do good at the tables it's because you already used up your luck allotment for the month.

Doodles said...

didn't do too bad considering and yes WE are very very lucky.