Sunday, February 01, 2015

Oh Boy.................

I am about to enter into a huge time involved project.  

You see I have a new HP laptop, new laptops do not have CD drive capability, at least mine does not. I cannot tell you how many CD"s I have.  They all have photos, memories of our trips we have taken since we have retired. 

Now mind you that was only eight years ago.  We left the warm state of Florida with 5th wheel RV, truck and cat.  Oh and a brand new Canon Rebel camera.  Husband was quite accommodating when I would yell "oh could we stop here for some photos" PLEASE!!  I'm sure my dearly beloved was getting tired of pulling over.  Especially dragging a 5th wheel trailer that he has never driven before.  He was surely hoping the newness was going to wear off. 

I will share some of my favorite photos here for the next oh I don't know few weeks because that is how long this project is gonna take.  Here's hoping the external hard drive I bought has enough bytes.

Now what to do with those CD's once I have transferred the photos.  Any suggestions?
Winslow,AZ is an odd little town with a ton a history.

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Anonymous said...

Oh so nice to see you back, looking forward to seeing your photos and words.