Saturday, September 22, 2007

I have a soft spot

in my heart for New Mexico. I fancy myself as being a hysterical student of American Indian culture. So when the opportunity came to move west, I immediately thought of New Mexico.

Sister and I took a Thelma & Louise trip so 14 years ago from Los Angeles to Toas,New Mexico and back. Did the Route 66 thing and all, suffice to say we had a blast.

I have longed for many years to come back and enjoy the residents of this great state, so very friendly, interesting and helpful. I might add that Mr Doodles has never ever been to this state.

Mr Doodles and I came from the east of I40 and landed in Albuquerque. Didn't intend to spend any time at all here, just an over nite. We got here at a decent time, so were able to head into Old Town

Sister and I were here and my how it has changed. Spiffed up a lot, beautiful shops and restaurants. But I knew there was a special place I had to find. And that was Gus's Jewelry store located at the south end of Old Town.

Turned the corner and there it stood Gus's. What a site I was sooooo excited. However I noticed that the building was looking a bit shabby, shame on you Gus for letting your building deteriorate like this. Went inside and there he was in all his handsomeness standing behind the counter. We got to chatting and he tells me that he will be closing his store next year. What!!!!!! Why????????? The building owner sold the building out from underneath Gus and they are tearing it down.

No wonder the building looked so shabby. Gus has been at this very location for forty plus years, and this is all he knows. Of course he is in his early 70's and should kick back some. However he lost his wife and is kinda sad, God love him. Well because sister and I were there fourteen years ago I thought I would pick up a fond memento for both of us. I will share that with sister moon when we see each other next month.....Woooo haaaaaaa!!!

We wandered over to the Indian Cultural Center which was quite nice. Then off to the
Albuquerque Museum
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center What a city Albuquerque has turned out to be. Too big of a population for us to live in but great place to visit.

Decided we also wanted to enjoy the Pueblo Village of Acoma.
They have built a new RV park that is wonderful and when you check in just like a Casino hotel you get $5 worth of chips to play with at their casino. Oh I forgot to tell y'all they also have a state of the art casino. Hot damn - did good for the two days we were there.

During the day we went on the tour of Sky City. They charge for the tour and also charge for a permit to take pictures. And you may ONLY take photos when you acquire permission. You must respect privacy of the residents. My what a great tour this was. This pueblo was built on the top of a sandstone mesa approximately 400 feet high.

After having waaaaay too much fun in Acoma we traveled south for our final destination at least for a couple of weeks. We are now in Silver City, Mew Mexico. And we are in love!!! With this City, the area and the residents.

So we are gonna go look at some property............stay tuna'd

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woo whoo, mementos from Gus'