Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Meet our new neighbors..........

This little girl (?) was spotted just as we were leaving the property we are looking into purchasing.

She has friends...aren't they just the cutest thing.

I can just see them chomping down on my herb garden.

We are looking at this property, the views are stunning. There are neighbors BUT they are way over yonder.

Nice flat area for the Doodles Casita.

Time will tell..........stay tuna'd BUT what do y'all think???


Moon said...

Wonderful! I can see the garden, now.

Bee said...

I think it's beautiful! And you have such nice neighbors. Better plant them a herb garden, too.

Look how blue that sky is!

Doodles said...

Oh I now the sky is so crisp blue AND it was not photoshopped at all.

the starts at nite are incredible and some shooting stars now and then.

Wonder if those little guys like lavender?

Ms G said...

wow - it looks incredible - think Mr D and I could hitch a ride there with the Mr & Mrs Nutz!!
how are you guys - haven't been able to read your travels in awhile so I am trying to catch up
so glad that Kenny & John were both ok in the race accident
think of you often and hope to see you again in the future
Luv Gwen

tiedye said...

Well this is kismet....my #1 son was born right there in Albequerque, Doo. When we went to get him, (during the days we were waiting for him) we camped out in Old Town, eating at some place called the Ruin or Ruis house or something, sat in the courtyard in the back, eating whatever their fresh specialty was for the day and drinking margaritas. Or we'd go down to Garcia's and have their stuffed poblano peppers with red AND green sauce, beer chaser, .....and tums for dessert. ;- ) Day trips to Santa Fe. . .oh my my my Doo, you lucky gal. Yes Albebuerque will suit you to a tee, missy. You are home, huh!