Monday, September 03, 2007

This photo is going to

every stinking candidate that is running for President in 2008. Maybe I'll even send it to some dopes in Washington as a reminder...I don't know why they would need it though, do you?

Hope your Labor Day was pleasant.....

We stopped at a rest area in Kentucky and as I approached the building I noticed the flags outside at half staff. I asked the attendant at the
information tourist booth why that was. He said "when a soldier from our state of Kentucky is killed in action we lower the flags across the whole state. This young man was killed in Afghanistan last Wednesday and his funeral will be tomorrow".

Say a prayer for that family and all the other families of young men and women fighting this battle.

This photo is of Louie, the big bad truck, entering Louisville crossing over the Ohio River, where he was built. Didn't care if we stopped just wanted to see where he came from.

off to Memphis........stay tuna'd

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