Sunday, September 02, 2007

Life is good..........

yes it really is cause our stay in Indy was tons a fun. Got to meet up with new and old friends. Talking and eatin seems to be a favorite pastime of most of us. What's not to like there!

This a.m. early we headed off to Kentucky, another adventure cause we have not been to that part of the state. So am anxious to report back all of our findings. We will make our way to Memphis, yes we are going to Graceland Mr Donzo and Miss I. And to get me in the mood Mr Doodles is playing Elvis on Sirius radio - ugh!!! One of Mr Doodles pleasures. Spending three days in Memphis to get the flavor of the city and that does include taste testing some of the BBQ that they are so famous for in Memphis.

Haven't done a food review in awhile so ................stay tuna'd for the Graceland and
BBQ findings and yes pics too.

A big congrats to the UCLA Bruins football team for their victory Saturday

Olson Leads No. 14 UCLA to 45-17 Victory Over Stanford

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