Saturday, September 29, 2007

You could hear a pin drop

It is so very quiet out here...lordy!!!

Silver City Historical Cemetery

And it not cause of the neighbors....I don't think. It is just really quiet and special here. We will be staying at this RV park for the winter just to get a good feel of the area.

Click on this photo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
and you can see there is a very large
W on this mountainside. How nice of them to put our initial on the mountain as a Welcome! (Our last name begins with a w for those that don't know)

But that is not the case at stands for Western New Mexico University.

When you have a University in your area you usually have a lot of art & culture. And this applies to this area. (sorry mr nutz) And shopping here isn't the greatest BUT you can get to Las Cruces in a couple a hours or less. So all in all it isn't that bad. We'll take it. Reminds us of when we moved to Key Largo years ago. There was nothing there at all and had to drive up to Miami for everything nearly.

So what goes around comes around I'm guessing.

More poking around on the menu today so.........stay tuna'd

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