Wednesday, September 12, 2007

O K LA H O M A !!!

That's where we are, Oklahoma City to be exact. Nice not to have a strict itinerary. Traveling on route 40 we crossed the state line from Arkansas into Oklahoma and stopped at the well stocked travel center. They had a section for RV parks so we checked out what else is going on in the city. We discovered that there was a lot we could see and do. Found our way to the RV park that we thought looked good. By the way it is wise to make reservations no matter what time of year cause they mentioned that available spots were getting few because the State Fair is starting on Thursday.

We all know that Oklahoma City was the scene of a terrorist attack in 1995. It is said
that the terrorists aimed the attack at the Murrah Federal Building. It was a little eerie being here on the day of September 11 and how the Oklahoma City residents handled the media. These are some quite fine folks in this city. And they are quite proud to celebrate their Centennial.

We are off to the Cowboy Hall of Fame, the Fireman's Museum and the
Stockyards here in the City. They have REAL cowboys working at the stockyards and y'all know how much I love cowboys. And a great photo opportunity I am hoping. I remember going to Ft Worth and seeing the cattle drive they have and NOT having a camera. I am going to the stockyards with my camera.

As I have mentioned I am having CD drive problems but that won't stop me from posting, it just frustrates the S#&% outta me. I have several posts I must take care of such as the Elvis tour...............yep we saw Elvis and a lot of Elvis' all around and my favorite area was Beale Street, man what fun that was!!!

That is one handsome you have an Elvis favorite song?

This one is mine........... A Fool Such As I

And by the way the temps have dropped wooooo hooooo, woke to a 52 and today should be a high of 78 no rain and NO HUMIDITY - hot damn!!!

OK breakfast awaits.............stay tuna'd!!!

ps...........thanks to my sweet sister for coming to my aid during my computer problem. By the way go check out her site for her new art work

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Moon said...

Not being a huge Elvis fan I can say I liked his early songs better so I guess Heartbreak Hotel, more bluesy.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I lived in Oklahoma for a while... bleak! Don't let the gas tank get close to empty!!!
*the voice of experience*