Thursday, September 20, 2007

Traveling is certainly educational

you get to see some of the most amazing an abundance of cotton fields in Mississippi. Not a good shot cause we were buzzing down the hiway. But lordy for miles that is all you could see. Played a bit of havoc on the allergies cause the cotton picking machines were out working.

Another fun place was Peabody Hotel, Memphis

Check out the site and see their preferred guests. Mr Doodles could not believe he was standing and waiting for five ducks to appear. At 11 a.m. the five Ducks come off the elevator and waddle over to the pond pictured below. At precisely 5 p.m. the celebrity Ducks march out of the pond, down the red carpet to their private elevator that takes them back to their home.

The Peabody Hotel is a stunning structure of the Olde South and has a lot of history.

After the Peabody we found our way toward the harbor of the mighty Mississippi and came across a delightful museum called The Cotton Museum
A small, but quite informative exhibit, that showed much of the history of cotton plantations and how they were related to the Birth of the Blues in that area.

We did make our way down to the harbor but it had started to rain so we didn't hang around much.

Decided we could have a bite for lunch and turned a corner where there was of all things in Memphis Mexican restaurant, Rio Loco. So being the brave souls that we are we wandered in. To our surprise it was packed with downtown office workers. The place was huge and quite crowded. We were seated in just a few minutes. After looking at the menu and the aroma coming from the plates whizzing by going off to be served to others, we knew that this was our kind of place.

After our delish lunch we walked outside to a sunny BUT very HUMID afternoon. But knowing how much we wanted to go over to Beale Street we suffered thru the humids, after all we lived in Florida and know about humidity.

Beale Street was our favorite.........we wandered onto a small impromptu street concert. What a terrific group.
They all play at different clubs thru out the city but during the day some just meet up at this particular spot around the corner from Beale Street. One of the highlights was the BB King Club. We ventured in to see what was going on. Actually it was pretty busy in the afternoon. But I bet it really jumps at nite.

Glad to hear Mr BB is on the mend.

If the local ordinance is posted such as this sign can ya just IMAGINE how it must be some late nites...WOW!!! Probably puts Key West to shame.

This beautiful magnolia flower was the only one on a HUGE magnolia tree standing outside a second floor window at Graceland, home of Elvis.

Must catch up on my blogging cause I cannot wait to show you New Mexico.................stay tuna'd


Moon said...

Mississippi, so that's where my underpants came from.

The Lesko Family said...

You live such an exciting life... it is like I am right there with you...I love the new property-to-be, love the new furry neighbors, but think that you are WAAAAAYYYYY too far south... come to PA.. you need to visit HERE! :-) Jill