Thursday, May 01, 2008

An Anniversary & a year in review

and they said this union would never last.

Well it's been a year, one whole year since Mr Doodles and I left the state of Florida. Now that's 22,000/+ miles on the odometer and many, many hours of channel 13 on the Sirius radio. For those of you that don't know that's the Elvis music station. I am shocked how good I am at tuning out Elvis. Hey I figure that since Mr Doodles is the driver he should be able to listen to what he wants, right???!!! But there have been a few times I just gotta get my NPR fix....Mr Doodles doesn't mind as long as it's not permanent. Also we are prone to listen to the NASCAR channel when races and qualifying airs.

So what have we learned this past year while traveling the highways of this beautiful country.................
  • Well one thing we learned is that the USA has some fairly rotten infrastructure and most of where we drove in Canada was not a lot better. Where the heck is all our tax $$$ going.
  • There are some great, friendly folks in the country and a couple of them might reside in Canada. We have made a lot of new friends
  • Food...WOW food finds have been great, seems like I did quite a few food reviews during our travels and surely to do a lot more.
  • We still have Buddy, the cat...and we are still fond of the little guy. Knowing his personality he could have been a real handful, but he wasn't and isn't even now. However, when we do climb to higher elevations we notice that is when he howls. And we are convinced that it is because his ears pop...just like Mr Doodles. Just can't get Buddy to chew some gum.
  • I should have bought stock in Maguirs Wax and vehicle care products. Cause that truck and RV look exactly the same with the exception of a few layers of wax applied by said Mr Doodles.
  • There is the odd dent here and there...nothing that couldn't be fixed. Oh except for the big one Mr Doodles afflicted on the Big A$$ truck....but his dear friend Mrs Nutz took care of that owie.
  • Owning an RV is on the job training kinda....cause you will never be prepared for what happens next, never.
  • Blogging sometimes is very hard.....are my bajillion readers all that interested? That's why I started my photo blog Imagine
  • There are definitely some places we want to go back to visit. And we realized ya just can't go visit everyone the first year.
  • A flat tire on the trailer was the only really serious mishap. And we were quite lucky when that happened. Oh yes and the ingenious method Mr Doodles changed to the spare.
  • Best part was getting to spend so much time with family and friends.
Take a look at this post.......... there are some things ya just forget about or maybe not wanting to remember. But the fires in Florida were horrendous last year. I did the biggest happy dance when we crossed the state line.

So here it is the beginning of May and we are on the move again, headed about it here if you haven't already. A bit disappointed in some ways but quite excited in other ways. Just think of all the photos we can take PLUS fresh caught fish. We are having soooooooo much fun I must pinch myself sometimes or pinch Mr Doodles once in awhile just to make sure we aren't dreaming.

A very special thank you to all who have stopped by to see what we are up to

Things happen for a reason and I'm reasoning this is gonna be as y'all are probably tired of hearing me say...........stay tuna'd!!!

A PS............we left Bryce Canyon after an evening low of 11 shaking your head and wondering WTH are they doing....well don't cause we THINK we got it together.


Moon said...

Happy Anniversary. I think the first is paper. That means you should come into some money soon. Please stop at a casino.

Anonymous said...

hey Barb!

it's been quite a busy year for you and Norm.....what great adventures you've had, and as always, your pix are spectacular!

i look forward to reading about more of them!!


KimIndy said...

wow ! time really flies doesn't it ??? can't believe it's been a year! I'm still honored that I got to spend the day with you when you were in the great State of Indiana! oh...and that I got to meet Mr. D and Buddy the cat ! I don't comment often..but I do read religiously and of course LOVE the pics :)

Chris said...

Girl...I am so jealous! After our cross-country driving vacation (car/motels) a year or so ago, YOU ARE LIVING THE LIFE I WANT TO LIVE!

So, I live vicariously through your adventure! I am loving it!

Thank you!


Doodles said...

Wish I could pack y'all along