Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thank you very much

to my beautiful Niece for knitting, yes knitting me a pair of wool socks!

We pulled into Idaho Falls, ID yesterday stepped out of the RV to slushy, sleety wet, white SH*T!!!

Now you are gonna wonder why I have not posted any photos of this stuff cause it couldn't make up it's mind.........knowing y'all could give a big rats A** about seeing a picture of rain...I didn't even bother. But by looking at the forecast of our impending destination of West Yellowstone, Montana you'll be seeing a photo or several.

Y'all know or maybe not Montana is called Big Sky let's see some sunrises and sunsets............cause I could care diddly about that white stuff.

OK time to hook em up and head North...........stay tuna' ya lil bird ;)


ashpags said...

Pretty socks! She did a great job! =)

Doodles said...

so glad you saw this ashpag....being the professional knitter that you are I knew you would appreciate her tallents ;) thanks

maltese parakeet said...

you are welcome! i'm glad you like them and i hope they come in handy! and thanks for taking a picture that doesn't show that they are not exactly the same length! love you!