Friday, May 23, 2008

We are OK

But man how things change in a matter of moments......hours.....days....whatever. And to say both our blood pressure peaked a bit would be putting it mildly.

So ya know that we canceled our trip to Alaska due to the extreme high cost of fuel, thank you very much oil dopes. Anyway we heard about the opportunity to work at RV parks around the country, these folks are called workampers.

Well Mr Doodles and I had a discussion about such a venture, went on line at a particular web site where you post a resume and wait for folks to contact you .

Well heck within two hours we got several calls and emails. Now remember we don't have experience doing this, all we have is life experience as business owners and in general dealing with people and oh yeah knowing how to make a bed, clean a toilet, mow a lawn or even clean a pool.

Well knowing that these positions go rather quickly depending on location and compensation, which can vary widely.

Anyway we narrow our choice down to two locations one in Moab, Utah and the other in West Yellowstone, Montana. After speaking to the owner/manager at each location we decide on West Yellowstone. The location had a lot to offer such as good hours, a decent wage, days off together as a couple, and fishing lots and lots a fishing. Oh and yes we are guaranteed a spot for our RV that included full hook up meaning power, water and sewer hook up as well as a spot to park our vehicle. Sounds good to you cause it surely sounded good to us. And ringing in my brain as I type this is "it's too good to be true", hell yes

Now we arrive quite on time in spite of the snow on the ground, which was quite beautiful I might add. We are told where to park our RV which was as described in our agreement.......perfect you say. HA!!!!!!!!!! The next day we are told "ahhhhhhh we are overbooked in our RV spots and we need to move you just for a bit". No problem we are there to work as a team and we are quite flexible, no big deal.

Well the spot was nothing just plain old mud and gravel. Well as long as it was for a day or so we are still ok with that even tho the water hookup required a few lengths of hose and the electric was a couple hundred feet of extension cords. Now it was heavy duty type cord but still a very long extension. That evening we are noticing that the lites in the RV were a bit dim. So Mr Doodles goes to the powers that be and explains this is not a good thing and we need to move to a more safer spot. Now Mr Doodles knows electric and knows whats needed. See where I'm going with this.........that manager knows nuttin, nada, no way.

To make this epistle a bit shorter......the electric that we were hooked up to fried our electronics in the RV. Oh now you don't wanna hear the words that came out of Mr Doodles mouth it was not pleasant. He goes to explain the situation to said manager......response was "that's too bad". Not one offer to move us or make any accomodations of any kind.

Mind you now we have NO HEAT and it dropped to 33* that nite. Down comforters AND wool socks surely helped a lot. Needless to say that very next morning or not till around 11 a.m., we left. Mr Doodles had told the manager the nite before unless you can hook us up to proper electric we are leaving in the morning. Response........"that's too bad". Oh my now you should have heard my mouth....actually no you shouldn't have it wasn't nice.

No one likes to be taken advantage, that isn't the way to keep a cohesive employee group. One of the other guys that works there came over and begged us not to leave. Sorry to disappoint this lovely man but we be outta there right fast.

Now what you say............the power was quite low so we kept everything off including the computer. Well I turned it on using the battery, checked my emailand low and behold there is a request from an RV park in Gunnison, Colorado, asking us if we had taken a position and if so could we recommend anyone. Hello!!!!!!!!!

Now about the fuming, we have calmed down a lot and gotten the attitude of things happen for a reason so stay tuna'd...........there's more!!!

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