Saturday, May 24, 2008

On the road again

So yes I hear Willy Nelson singing that song every time I utter that phrase. Now let me say thanks to all who have emailed and called your good thoughts are appreciated. My sister calls us the Gypsy true .

Our trip to Gunnison, Colorado is taking place on Memorial Day weekend. Now we are on a major hiway and folks there is not that many cars or trucks on the road. When you come upon a major city you encounter a bit more traffic but not like you would expect for a holiday weekend.

OK I have devised a new game while on the road. Ya know how when we were kids our parents would find something to entertain us to make the time pass, like count cows, license plates or even train cars. Well I have started counting SUV's.......I know kimmy you still have that big blue bus.

Might I also add that driving thru Southern Idaho on our way to Colorado we have noticed how lush and green the hills are since the snow melt we saw on the way north. The mountains are glowing in the sun a brite emerald...........Idaho is a very pretty state.

Our trip to Colorado takes us back thru Salt Lake. another interesting city we visted a couple a weeks ago. A funny side note.....when we went on a tour of Mormon Square at the end of the tour the ladies handed out comment cards for feedback, Mr Doodles filled his out and handed it back. About a week later he gets a phone call from the nice folks at the LDS asking if he had any questions or could they provide further assistance. No thank you he says, yes our visit was very enjoyable and hangs up. WTH I say was that..............he tells me and then I tell him when I put up on my blog about our visit to the Mormon Square they came to visit, see I have a stat counter that shows those things. To me it's a bit odd but then again they probably want to know what's being written about them. Glad I was nice. But to call visitors is just a bit much in my opinion.

Back to Colorado, well not actually back cause we are still in Utah but Utah will be in our rear view mirror Sunday. Dang we are gonna miss the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, the Indy 500. But we will be stopped in time to see the NASCAR race in Charlotte.

Check back in a day or two and I'll fill ya in on Colorado. Oh by the way Buddy is really confused cause we told him we would be stationary for a few months.......sorry Buddy, "S" happens ;)


KimIndy said...

you do realize how bad I am kicking my own *ss right now for not selling the big blue bus last year when I had someone that WANTED to buy it from me, don't you ??? grrrrr.... I was a couple of days behind...didn't realize you were on the move ...I'll have to go mapquest you to see what part of CO you are headed to safe...don't run over any of those SUV's in your big *ss truck !!!

Bee said...

You're coming to Charlotte?! I'll meet ya there. But have loads of fun in Colorado first.