Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good News and

this could be any town in the USA......we saw this display of US flags in many small towns we drove thru

some not so good news.....nothing earth shattering tho so not to worry. We landed in Gunnison, Colorado Memorial Day late afternoon. That was after a very long day of traveling. Poor Mr Doodles had to fight side blowing wind for a few hundred miles....not fun and quite tiring when you are dragging an RV behind ya. But the scenery along the way was quite nice so it was not all that unpleasant. The RV park we are in sits on sixty acres, on a hill overlooking Blue Mesa Lake. The owners are wonderful and quite laid back just like us. They have supplied us with full hook up, which consists of sewer, water (good water too) and perfect electric. Couple a drawbacks one of which no cell phone service, I guess due to the mountain range here of 7500 feet. Lord only knows where the towers are. The owner is a retired guy from the phone company so he knows phone connection and how to get around the problem. Their wifi service her is not too bad but as always not secure. Owner has installed a huge antenna on the roof of the office so if I sit on the front porch I can use my phone and probably my computer with the aircard.......we'll see. Now to the not so good news.........our fridge died.......due to the on going electrical problems we incurred in Montana. CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!!! I say but all things can be fixed and it's not the end of the world.

Following are some photos taken along the way.

A nice warm welcome to the gypsy caravan

The last of the snow capped mountains.......melting quickly

Lots a mesa's in this part of Colorado


Moon said...

Glad you are settled. Does it mean it's windy there?

Doodles said...

No it's not windy..........there is an afternoon breeze which is nice and will appreciate in the warmer months but no not windy.

Anonymous said...

hey Barb,

sorry to hear about your Montana /Yellowstone mishaps....but Colorado sounds lovely!! As usual, your pictures are incredible!! And....I even got to see an almost full face pic of ya! LOL
Have missed talking to ya in chat, and hope I see ya there again soon!!

Joanne ( Jamiee)

KimIndy said...

how soon can I send Jeff out to you ? he can earn his keep by being your very own 6ft1 antenna ...just wrap him up in aluminum foil and point him towards the sky :)

glad that you are settled again ..don't forget to send me your address !

Chris is *Refining Life* said...

Sorry to hear about your refrigerator-appliance problems are a pain!

Glad to hear that you are "settled" in a better campground, with nicer people!