Friday, May 30, 2008

Well things have calmed down a bit

here at the Gypsy Caravan, as my sweet sister refers to us. We are located at a wonderful RV spot and that includes great owners of this RV park. Like I said before things happen for a reason and we are happy it did. And I might add the owners are happy we are here too.

The fridge that died because of electrical problems was repaired today YAY!!! The inverter that died because of electrical problems will be replaced Monday or yep life is good.

Now about Gunnison Colorado - we are eleven miles from town situated on Blue Mesa Lake. Gunnison is a funky old mining town with nothing but mom and pop stores. Oh there is a WalMart but it's probably the smallest one WalMart has in it's chain of stores, I mean it's really small. But the town of Gunnison is fun, during the summer months they have all kinds of activities like a music festival, arts and crafts shows, quilt shows, rodeo woo hoo!!!. The lake we are on has tons a fish and boating for us to enjoy. So lot's for us to entertain ourselves, we won't lack for something to do for the next three months or so.

Now there are some things I really miss ...........................
Trader Joe's, Costco, WalMart....cannot believe I said that,
Panera Bread and of course family......BUT.........I can keep in touch with them by phone and emails.
But Trader Joe's cannot email me my favorite things....dang!!!
Also I miss going to the movies cause the closest one here is fifty miles away. We'll travel to see a movie once in awhile but not often. In the town with the movies is also a super WalMart as well as some good shopping so one can only hope I will get Mr Doodles to drop his fishing pole and venture that way once in awhile.

Don't think I'm whining cause I'm not, but occasionally I have my Princess moments.

I also should update y'all on Buudy our cat. He has an appointment at the local vets office (pray for them) for a blood test to follow up on the one he had a month ago in Southern California with regards to his hyperactive thyroid diagnosis. He takes his meds and seems to be feeling better and actually adjusting to the altitude here as we are. He is drinking his water and keeping well hydrated.

Just thought ya should have a bit of an update now remember photos are to follow when time permits. Mr Doodles is into bird watching as there are some quite pretty species living in this area.............stay tuna'd

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Bee said...

Sounds like a wonderful place to be with lots of pixure takin' opportunities!