Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Who would have thought wilderness such as this existed just a few miles on the outskirts of Salt Lake City. Well the Great Salt Lake consists of many islands, one of them we visited yesterday was Antelope Island State Park

This is the seven mile causeway leading to the Island..........very shallow lake with between 12 and 16% salt content.

After our visit to just one more
Air Force Base Museum I think that makes six or seven in the last year. Sorry I just had to share that info. We found our way to the Great Salt Lake. Causeway driving on to Antelope Island, named for the Pronghorn Antelope that reside on the island. It actually should be named buffalo island cause there are a ton of them.......600 +/- and we came across a few. One of which was on the beach of the Salt Lake......quite curious because what would he be doing down on the beach??? all by himself see that little black dot in the photo...that's a lonely buffalo.

Close up of one of the many resident buffalo's....you know it's spring when there coats start to shed. I got closer than this shot and the dude just kept on munching. Guess they are really used to people taking their pictures.

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