Tuesday, May 13, 2008

the trip

The trip from Butte, Montana to our destination of Kirkwood Resorts, West Yellowstone, Montana was relatively short but by no means short on beautiful scenery.

Mr Doodles thinks y'all should see where we are moored as you will appreciate even more when I update photos of the summer melt.

We went thru a couple of rather quaint towns one of which was Ennis. First thing I noticed was how many antique stores were situated in town. Second thing I noticed was how extremely friendly everyone is. Ennis happens to be about fifty miles from where we will be located for the summer so it won’t be a place we will just run to for culture and shopping.

Being that the booming metropolis of West Yellowstone is only eighteen miles from our summer location, that’s where we’ll be spending our hard earned dollars and hoping to find a vet for Buddy.

I’m putting up some photos that I took while cruising down the road in Big Louie. I’ll post more over on my photo blog. The link is over on the left……….click that.

Let me share their web site with y'all cause it shows some of the things going on around here. If you aren't doing anything this summer we are about 1700 miles from Southern California.

The view out our back window...that's Lake Hebgen and yes that is ice you see...but it will melt soon after the next storm comes thru. But can ya see the trout in that lake........that's what is moving Mr Doodles heart around.

This is the Madison River that feeds into the above Lake.

These are big horn sheep just having a snack by the side of the road. Shot this out the window so it is not the best photo and all you can see is their butts.

We understand there are a lot of critters, wild critters, that live in the mountains behind us and they come down at nite so one must beware/be aware.

OK I gotta go wipe the drool off Mr Doodles cause he sure is liking the looks of this countryside………stay tuna’d.


Moon said...

This looks great, cold but great. I know it will warm up soon.

The big horn are so close to the road. The only ones I've ever seen are way up on the mountain. I can't wait for more pix.

Bee said...

That river is gorgeous. Will you be near ir, too?

Doodles said...

that river the Madison River feeds into the lake we are on.......yes we are near it.