Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hot Springs in Yellowstone

there are many hot springs in Yellowstone National Park, this is just one small one on the side of the road. Look how crystal blue clear the water looks. And yes I admit Mr Doodles drives and I hog the camera ........

Now see this photo above.............if you click on it I think it will enlarge for you so see this rather husky Grizzly Bear. We were a fair distance away hence the bear looking like a blog dot. There were ranger on the road keeping us back and safe of course. But Mr Doodles saw him thru his binocs and said the bear was a bit large. There was quite a crowd on the roadway viewing this creature. When we saw him he was using his paw to dig for grubs and as he was he was picking up an enormous amount of dirt so those are some big paws he was using. It was quite interesting cause it was our first bear sighting. And how did we know it was a grizzly.......the Ranger told us as he said he knows all the bears in the park.

So what's next you say........I haven't a clue stay tuna'd


ashpags said...

Wow! I need to make it Yellowstone one of these looks amazing! =)

Moon said...

Water always reflects the color of the sky so that deep blue is amazing. It looks like a bubbling pot of paint.

I like the self-portrait, it should be on your blog.

Your first bear.