Friday, May 02, 2008

It is a small world

Here we are sitting at the top of Bryce Canyon, elevation 9110 ft.

So Mr Doodles and I are sitting at a picnic table having a snack, I look up and a man walking by has on a sweatshirt that has Durham on the back. I wasn't sure where it was from so I jumped up and went after him. "excuse me sir what is on your shirt? He tells me it is the logo of his business in Durham, CT. Ha really we used to live there. No the guy says where? I tell him and he lives just a short distance away. He knows all the folks we know, knew where we lived, recognized Mr Doodles because the man never changes.

So we go on to tell him another strange coincidence about selling our home in Florida to a lady in Durham. He knows her and heard about her buying our house. How bizarre is this.

So the moral of this story is ya never know who you are gonna run into in this small world.

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