Sunday, May 18, 2008

Did I mention the altitude???

right now we are at 6,500 feet. Now having said that we have been at much higher elevations but mostly driving or just taking short hikes.

For the summer we will be here at this elevation working, walking here and there, checking on cabins to make sure they are in perfect shape for arriving guests. Going down to the marina to make sure the boats are tied up properly or send someone off for a day of fishing on the lake. Taking people to their cabins or directing RV folks to their spot. We do have a our disposal a cute little Polaris off road vehicle to maneuver around the property.

Could also be a way to lose some much needed weight and tone up the old body some.

So the altitude has hit us both some............what happens is that it makes you sluggish. Drinking water is an important aspect of being in a high altitude as you can dehydrate fast. Yes we are doing that.

Needless to say we are taking it slow to acclimate as it does take awhile, a few weeks "they" say. Right now I could go for a nap............stay tuna'd

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