Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Plans change......

Boy do they ever!!! And the major reason is because of the dopes in Washington allowing the oil producing companies to screw the general public.

In case you didn't hear
Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve recently stated that "we may be nearing a recession". Then the President says and I quote "the economy is facing some challenging times". WTH - are these people living in the real world? How can you live in Washington, inside the beltway and be so arrogant and outta touch, just absolutely amazes me. Come on, didn't your momma ever tell you that honesty is the best policy. Be honest with us and tell us the real deal. Well who cares now most of the dopes in Washington are going to be gone in a few months then there will be new folks there. Please don't let them all be dopes. I have ranted on now haven't I......sorry but it just pisses me off that the country is in this horrible situation and it could have been averted.

So...............due to the high cost of diesel fuel we are
NOT going to Alaska. It would be about nine/ten thousand miles round trip from where we are right now. That's not making any side trips. And why would anyone drive all that way to visit that beautiful state and try to conserve fuel.

Sooooooooooo we are headed to Big Sky Country, West Yellowstone to be exact. Can you say photo opportunity..................Oh Yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh go to that website for West Yellowstone and find the web cams they have and ALL the snow still on the ground.

Mr Doodles and I will be doing what is referred to in the RV world as Workamping Our time there will be mid May to the end of September. Once we get there and get settled I will let y'all know the address. Right now we will leave here in a couple a days to spend some time with sweet seester and dear brother-in-law. Mr Doodles is gonna make sister a window seat for her new and improved and quite gorgeous office.

OK gonna go find some warm socks for Mr Doodles cause his feets get cold. But stay tuna'd cause there will be adventures along the way and tons a photos.

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