Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So about Buddy.......

our cat....I knew he wasn't feeling well. Seems he was drinking a lot more water than usual. When headed to sister's house I asked her to make an appointment with her Vet so that Buddy could get his annual shots.

When Mr Doodles and sister went to the appointment, I don't go and that is another blog for sure. Buddy was weighed and he was down four pounds, now that's a big weight loss for a fourteen pound cat. Well they suggested doing a blood test to determine if he had a hyper active thyroid, which I understand is quite common in cats and given that Buddy will be celebrating his 14th birthday July 4th we kinda knew what the results would be.

Well now here is a little side issue, Buddy the cat HATES, HATES like HELL going to the vets. When he walks in the door, well is taken thru the door in his cute little red cat carrier.......the walls literally start to shake from his low growling. And the reason I do not accompany Mr Doodles is they have to muzzle Buddy.

The blood tests were administered after muzzling the poor little fella. They gave him a bit of gas to knock him out, I was so happy about that because then there is no side effects of groggyness and stumbling like a drunk.

Well the blood tests came back positive and yes Buddy does have a hyperactive thyroid. Hopefully we caught it early and the meds given will take care of the problem. The meds he is on will be taken for a month and then a follow-up blood test. Oh swell another vet is gonna be subjected to Buddy's wrath.

I want to thank the nice people at my sisters vets office who were so kind and accommodating to our sweet Buddy. So stay tuna'd for Buddy updates!!!


maltese parakeet said...

feel better soon, buddy!

Moon said...

I know, I was there and after his shots he, inside his red bag, was set on the counter and it vibrated with his low growl. I was happy there was something between us at that point.

Buddy is a feisty cat, but a good boy at home, so we all wish him well.

Doodles said...

hahahahahahaha........what sister moon said