Saturday, April 05, 2008

Ashamed I am........

OK I have preached before, even have a counter on my blog about plastic bag usuage <<<<<<<<<< over there on the left. I keep hearing the saying "practice what you preach" !!!

Living in an RV wow... free go where ya wanna go and all that jazz. But space is tight so one must be aware of what you buy and think about food storage. Yep you know where I'm going with this huh?!?!?!?!!! I have become dependent on this product DAMN IT!!!

I have a small fridge so using the bags make for easy storage. This is NOT an excuse, trust me I know better I just don't know what to use in place of my addiction. Notice I used the word easy...maybe I should not think about easy, but think more future repercussions.

There are forums specifically for RV'rs and lifestyle and such. Not one place do they discuss recycling...OH Lord this is sinful and I am going to make this a project to make these folks more responsible. Trust me they are aware just NOT doing their part.

OK let's not put the blame on RV'rs completely cause many, actually most RV parks DO NOT recycle. I know it's hard to believe however I think it boils down to costs. BUT why don't the cities that where the RV parks reside force them to recycle. I am telling ya this is true because we traveled some twenty thousand miles since last May and have only seen three RV parks that recycled.

So is there a group that I can join to help me get unhooked, or is there a twelve step program that can help? My sister and I have briefly discussed this but without any solutions.
I am not a hypocrite just not sure where to go.............. I need direction.

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! leave all comments and ideas right here in the comment area please........I'll share all ideas so...................stay tuna'd!!!

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