Saturday, April 12, 2008

This is different.......

OK I found this funny little gadget on another blog I go to on a fairly regular basis. You can click on an individual photo to zoom. Al photos were taken by Mr Doodles.

We went up to see the Tehachapi Loop Mr Doodles has been here before when BIL took him up to see this engineering marvel. So before we left this area he wanted me to see it as well.I know I went oh ok, and my mind was saying it's a train on a track for heavens sake what's the big deal?!? Well it is a big deal and amazing to see, one of those ya have to see it to appreciate. And what else is there are two sets of tracks, so one train can pass another on this loop.

Now the bonus was seeing The National Chavez Center and The Cesar Chavez Memorial Garden. What a beautiful place tucked away in the canyon of the Tahachapi mountains and only a half hour from Bakersfield.

So the following is an experiment and has a sound with have my permission to turn off the sound.

OK here ya go click play and see how what ya think............and please let me know OK!!!

Click to play Tehachapi Loop
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Moon said...

That Smilebox is very cute especially with the old timey music! The garden was nice, too. Love the poppies.