Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We’re still here…

Not a lot of connectivity in the Western part of Texas. Just a long road to go thru Texas. First out of San Antinio is the beautiful Hill Country. Then a bit of stretch of the uglies.. We are traveling Interstate 10 so it is taking us way south. Most of this area we have never been thru. with the exception of I10 thru El Paso. Made that trek when we moved to Connecticut, that trip could be another ten blogs.

So we have gone from on over nite stop at the Comanche Land RV Park. Now don’t let the name RV Park fool ya cause it wasn’t. However it did have hook-ups, electric, water and cable, all for a whopping 10$. We couldn’t run our generator all nite for 10 bucks what with the cost of gas.. Remember it was just west of Ft Stockton, which equals West of NOWHERE!!!

Sunday was in the lovely area of Las Cruces, New Mexico RV park was the Hacienda Resort.

View from our patio

Cute little old lady walking her puppy who looks just like her

Followed the suggestion of the RV park manager on dinner spot and boy are we glad we did. Allende something or other was a true Mexican style restaurant and damn good. I had a soft pork taco plate which consisted of the best pork, chopped onion, cilantro, and plenty of lime.

Also included was a small cup of beans in a wonderful sauce. Husband ordered the green chile verde plate, which consuisted of a taquito/flauta, a cheesey enchilada, green chile verde that was to die for in arich sauce. And a very large chile relleno that husband found a bit spicy to his liking, however I didn’t so we traded. The batter on the relleno was light and fluffy and yes a bit spicy, but oh so good.

Landing in Tucson shortly. We will be motoring down to Tombstone, which is the scene of the crime some 37 years ago...........so definitely stay tuna'd

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Sylvie said...

Hi Doodles- I'm following you all over the U.S. Have fun.