Friday, May 25, 2007

greetings from San Antonio

San Antonio……beautiful……..RV park right on the river! Enjoying the river walk area and headed to see the Alamo and the San Antonio Missions of San Jose. Also looking forward to some good Tex-Mex food. I see a couple of dinning reviews in the future for PBE

It rained quite hard yesterday and thru the nite....which I thought would slow our touristy events down today. But there are some brighter moments ahead around noon so no biggie.

Well we sure did luck out with the weather Gods – thank you very much. Did the whole River Walk walking as well as the Alamo. Which as Mr Doodles says “ it sure is a lot better than it was 40 years ago.” Very well done and the tour was great.

Ate at a cute little Mexican eatery called Casa Orio…I’ll do a brief review over on PBE after I get over my 40 ounce margarita…YUM!

Found it very interesting walking around the Downtown area of San Antonio where the River Walk and the Alamo are located, there are a lot of information folks dressed in uniform asking you do you need directions, or any help? That is very nice. Also saw a lot of people, city workers I’m sure, with brooms sweeping the sidewalk and picking up any trash….quite impressive.

OK headed to West Texas today and we are gonna see how far we can get hopefully 300 + miles and that would be around Ft Stockton. Certainly not a booming metropolis but that much closer to the Pacific time zone.

I put some photos up of My Flickr if ya wanna go peak.

Remember the Alamo

Beautiful San Jose Mission

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mooncrazy said...

Nice pix. Interesting San Jose Mission, I've not heard of it. Looking forward to seeing all this photos in person. Might be something I could paint.