Monday, May 28, 2007

It is Memorial Day isn't it?

After we landed in Las Crusces, NM on Sunday we popped a beer and settled down to watch the end of the race, Indy 500. Sorry the three ladies didn’t fair as well as I hoped. But they did make history. Nice to see cutie Dario Franchitti win…congrats to him.

Anyway once that was over we were flipping around and came upon a PBS program about WW II Veterans and what they went thru. Seems as though the host had followed these five men for many years and kept tabs on them. Very un-assuming men that made a huge, I mean huge contribution to the United States and their fellow countrymen.

My Father was a veteran of World War II. He was a SeaBee in the Navy. Hunky husband was in the Air Force during Vietnam as was my dear darling brother-in-law. BIL father was in World War II….so a special thank you to these four men,

Daddy, Mr Doodles, Mr D and Grandpa C……thank you!!!

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mooncrazy said...

Yes, a big thanks to all that served.